Graphicollection MiniBook Vol.7 Girls
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The new book of the Minibook series: Graphicollection Minibook Vol.7 with a new style even more romantic and gorgeous.
Graphics and patterns are all dedicated to the female world. Its sweet and sophisticated style elevates your designs with new and original graphics.
Into the book you can find many ideas ready to complete your graphics: hearts, flowers, bows, fashionable pretty girls and even new written and photographic elements.
You find also a lot of bags, shoes, glasses and many hand-made elements that you can use individually for create new designs.
DVD with graphics in vector format is included.
128 pages, 15 x 21 cm, Illustrations: Graphics and patterns for Girls, 260 vector-files
  • Item #: GCMBG7

Graphicollection MiniBook Vol.7 Girls

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