Fashion for Profit
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Welcome to the Fashion Business! This is a unique industry: artistic and creative, profit-driven and demanding. Fashion For Profit will take you to the heart of Fashion and give you the real facts. Fashion for Profit is the ultimate guide for anyone who is starting a sewn product business. From concept to marketing, production, costing and many more.... A fashion Industry must have!!!!

This may be the place that you always wanted to be.

Now is the time to learn about Fashion and make your mark on it. This is where your sense of style and knowledge of financial planning can bring great financial and personal rewards. This will be the place that will support your ideas and reward your hard work.

Fashion research will teach you about the cultural impact on apparel and accessories. You will learn about sketching as well as figuring. You will understand all about the processes of manufacturing and the thrill of marketing. You will not only learn what you need to know but about what you want to know.

As you browse this book you will note that you will get more and more excited. Every chapter brings the definitive information about each specific area of Fashion Design and Merchandising. You will find that many of the questions you thought would never be addressed anywhere are answered here in clear and understandable terms.

One of the great things about the fashion Industry is that one person can make a difference. There is always room for those who want to work and plan and organize and design and market a product at a profit. If it doesn't sell, we learn to get over it and go on to another success.

Enjoy this book and let it guide you and your dreams to fulfillment.

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Fashion for Profit

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