Drug Stores Chains Database PLUS
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Drug Stores

Chain Store Guide’s Drug Stores and HBC Chains includes over 1,200 top retailers in the drug store, health, and beauty industry.  Top retailers include Walmart, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Safeway, Drugstore.com and many more. 

The Drug Store and HBC Chains category includes deep discount stores with pharmacies, discount drug stores, full-line drug stores, grocery chains with pharmacies, health & beauty care (HBC) chains, cosmetics retailers, home health care stores, internet only drug retailers, mail order drug retailers, pharmacy only stores, and vitamin stores.

Drug Store and HBC Chains Contacts

  • 1,419 Drug Store & HBC Chains
  • 7,713 Buyers and Decision Makers
  • 4,683 Personnel Email Addresses (Plus version)
  • Weekly Updates & New Leads (Pro & Plus version)
  • Export to Excel or a CRM (Pro & Plus version)

Popular Drug Store & HBC Chains Search Options

  • Personnel Titles
  • Type of Drug Chain
  • Number of Stores
  • Distribution Company
  • Growth Percentage
  • Geographic Location
  • Prescription Sales
  • Products Sold (60 Different Options)
  • Departments
  • Franchise Affiliation
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Drug Stores Chains Database PLUS

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