Department Stores Database PLUS
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 Department Stores

The Department Store databases and directories include over 1,600 retail companies that operate over 53,000 store locations with annual revenue over $160 billion.  In addition to the top department store chains this category includes the top footwear retailers, the top jewelry chains, and the top optical retailers.  The file also includes the top resident buyers that assist fashion retailers and wholesalers with decision making and planning.  Top retailers in this database include Macy’s, Foot Locker, and Saks.  

Department Store Contacts

  • 1,600 Department Stores and Retail Chain Stores
  • 6,500 Buyers and Decision Makers
  • 3,000 Personnel Email Addresses (Plus version)
  • Weekly Updates & New Leads (Pro & Plus version)
  • Export to Excel or a CRM (Pro & Plus version)

Popular Department Store Search Options

  • Personnel Titles
  • Personnel Email Addresses
  • Projected Openings & Closings
  • Average Square Footage
  • Fastest Growing Companies
  • Geographic Location
  • Product Type (over 100 options)
  • Store Type
  • Item #: CSGDEP

Department Stores Database PLUS

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