Costing for Profit
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Look after the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves, every entrepreneur's ultimate goal is to run a successful company. Understanding the complexity of how to cost effectively will play a major part in achieving this goal.

The Fashion Business is a unique industry: artistic and creative, profit-driven and demanding. Costing For Profit will take you to the heart of costing and give you the real facts so you can realize a profitable future for your business. A good idea and the right market niche can lead to your ultimate dream of running a successful apparel business. However, for how long? It is a multi faceted industry with many important components that should be fully understood when calculating your selling cost.

Determining all the costs and all the important components that make up a cost sheet will be the key to your company's success. One missing item or miscalculation from the cost sheet could lead to the loss of a season's profit, and if not realized in time could ultimately lead to the failure of your company.

As you browse this powerful little book you will note that you will get more and more excited as you begin to understand what is needed to do in order to realize a profit. Each page brings definitive information about each specific area of apparel costing. You will find that many of the questions you thought would never be addressed anywhere are answered here in clear and understandable terms.

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Costing for Profit

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