Chain Restaurant Operators Database PLUS
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Chain Restaurants

Chain Store Guide’s Chain Restaurant Operators database includes the top 7,100 restaurant chains, including McDonald’s, Outback, Pizza Hut, and Subway.  

Restaurant and foodservice operations found in this database of restaurants include restaurant chains operating two or more locations, foodservice management operators, bowling alleys, casinos, hotels, motels, movie theatres, theme parks, as well as nontraditional foodservice operations such as those found in Kmart or Target.

Chain Restaurant Contacts

  • 7,100 Chain Restaurant Operators
  • 36,000 Chain Restaurant Buyers, Chefs, & Executives
  • 21,135 Personal Email Addresses (Plus version)
  • Online database updates weekly
  • Export data to Excel or a CRM (Pro & Plus version)

Popular Chain Restaurant Operators Search Options

  • Personnel Titles
  • Personal Email Addresses
  • Type of Foodservice
  • Average Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Check
  • Menu Type
  • Fastest Growing Companies
  • Franchise Affiliation
  • Geographic Location


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Chain Restaurant Operators Database PLUS

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